Kamis, 20 September 2012

contoh pidato judul "sabar" versi bahasa inggris

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
honorable mr./ mrs.  (……….) as (………….)
dear mr./mrs. (………) as (………..)
dear ( …………….)

First of all, let us praise and gratitude prayed to Allah's presence. because of the grace and guidance we are given his health to come together on this day. Also to our prophet Muhammad SAW, his families, and his friends.
And I want to thank you to the master of ceremony who has given me the time to speech in front of you all under the tittle “be patient”.


Happy audiences,

So many problem in our life.  often we get some conflict with other people, our friendship, and sometime with our self. There are so many small thing that can make a big problem.  for example, different  importance, different  think, and others. Usually at the first time that conflict just make us annoyed,  and fed up, but our selfish keep on to find  truthful for our self, keep on to find  other person’s mistake and so far we will think about that person’s nasty.tionghwa’s wise word  says “willingness to forgive is a biggest glory heart” may be you be going to think the person can be say that cause he doesn’t have a problem. When he has a problem, may be he won’t  be able to forgive.
But, do we ever muse that hide away angry, annoy, although hate just will be break our inner and break our healthy? Do we ever muse that how scarce opportunity to forgive? Do we ever think if someone that we hate has problem too?
Angry, annoy, hate…………
realize step by step……….
Maybe,,,,,,,,,, one time……… you will be realize how stupid your attitude that be  influented by your emosional.
Maybe,,,,,,, when you conscious  and want to forgive them, it’s too late.
Brother and sister, Here I want to invite you to muse a reality.
One day, there is a son at his graduation ceremony,,, he want BMW car as a gift  from his father but when he open the gift,,,, he doesn’t get a key of BMW but just a book. He is very angry and run away leave his father. Three month later, his neighbor sent a telegram. They say that his father was passed away and all of his father’s wealth gives to him. Than, he back to home to manage the heritage. He opened a strongbox, and he find a book that his father ever given to him. He opened sheet by sheet the book. Suddenly a key and receipt of BMW that his father bought a month before his graduation ceremony fall down. Directly he run to the garage, he cry and  he feel regret because of his not patiently.
Happy audiences,
Patient is blessing……….
Patient is beautiful……….
Patient is great……..
Patient is sublime……..
Patient is capable and wise……………
So, you have to be patient by good patient
Patient is heavy without  faithful
Patient is difficult without knowledge
Patient is restless without reflective
We won’t know mean of life without patient

Happy audiences,

Thank you for your attention, wassalamu’alaikun warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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